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Living Room

The first place every guest notice when they step into your home is the living room. This communal room is a versatile space that encourages cohesiveness among family and friends. Let us help you create a fresh, comfortable and stylish living room from the planning to design to renovating phase. From floors to windows, walls to furniture and fittings, our interior design services touch every aspect of the living room. Our designers also take full consideration into the types of materials, colours and textures to use in line with your concept. With an extensive portfolio, you can trust us to improve your home luxury and livability.

Hacking & Tiling

When thinking of renovating a space, hacking is a great way to open up a cramped space to fit better into your lifestyle. Additionally, the foundation of a home or office is dependent on even, durable and strong tiling. Not only can these renovation steps improve the aesthetic effects, maintenance is improved too and can ultimately improve resale value. We offer both services with more than 20 years of experience and affordable pricing. Our team of experts take every detail into consideration and advise you on the best hacking and tiling tips to create a space that you’ll love. Check out our packages!


Planning a kitchen remodeling can be overwhelming, as the most important room in a house is the kitchen. It is a place where families gather and feast, so an inviting and stylish kitchen is essential. Speak to our skillful interior designers on how you envision your dream kitchen to be and watch your favourite space come to life. With proper furnishing and planning, we create well-designed layouts to ensure sufficient storage space and practical work areas are in place.


Renovating your bedroom can lift your spirits, inspire the mind and reduce stress. Our services range from space planning, lighting planning, wardrobe and storage, windows to flooring to ensure you have the well-lit and ventilated aesthetic space you deserve. We identify your personal needs and tie it with the latest trends to find the ideal look-and-feel for you. No matter your style, budget or room size, we create a relaxing sanctuary that you will look forward to coming home to, every day.


To further beautify your space after renovation, we also offer carpentry and furniture work that ties together aesthetic interior design with functional pieces. Our professional carpenters are ready to custom make any furniture that is unique, in perfect dimension and is adequately functional to form an ideal synergistic effect with your newly-renovated space. We will also choose the right materials and proper joining methods to form a strong joint while maintaining the natural beauty and finishing of the wood used. Apart from creating new pieces, we provide added value by finding creative ways to refurbish any old pieces of furniture that are usable in order to maximise value.


W+H Interior Design can spruce up your bathroom to transform it into an inspiring and spacious haven. We offer complete bathroom renovation services from start to finish for residential, commercial or industrial purpose – from design to selecting to installing bathroom fittings and fixtures. Our consultants and plumbers work together to provide measurements and advise at no additional charge before starting the renovation or remodeling process. From bath tub to showers, vanity mirrors to additional in-shower shelves, we design and renovate bathrooms to suit your needs and make getting ready in the morning that much easier.

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